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Katie’s Story

I entered into a marriage that resulted in 4 years of manipulation, verbal and physical abuse. I left to protect myself, finished college and started a career as a paralegal. Later I found another man who loved and cherished me, but after 11 years of marriage he was showing violent tendencies, began beating our fostered child […]

Reshay’s Story

  RESHAY’S STORY Sept 30, 2011, my estranged husband shot me four times. He also took the lives of my loving parents, Kennie & Retha Rodgers. My life was forever changed by the decision he made, but the last of his victims I would be. The series of events that led up to that morning […]

Margo’s Story

Model: Margo Hair: Jasmine Carmon Makeup: Rahlene Luna Photography: Oksana Karle Location: Ye Kendall Inn   In my darkest moments, thinking I could never leave my husband and take care of my children and myself. God sent an amazing woman into my life, He spoke through her and said “Don’t let Satan Defeat you!” From […]

Behold Beauty UnMasked

Here at LBDS, we celebrate survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence on a regular basis, doing whatever we can to let them know they are cherished, valued and never alone. Not everyone in our organization has first-hand experience with sexual or domestic violence, but we all share a rock-solid commitment to empower harmed women. […]

3 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know

Most women are taught about the benefits of pepper spray by their first week of college, but while it generally takes about 20 seconds to withdraw a can of pepper spray from a purse, the actual window for making an effective self defense move is 4 seconds or less. To make matters worse, according to […]

35 Hard, Cold Facts About Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence in America

Causes that hit close to home are the hardest to advocate. That’s my experience, anyway. Donating even $10 causes me to feel, ironically, less sensitive to a remote situation, because my donation functioned as an assertion of control. In my mind, the pennies tossed toward purchasing a comfortable park bench somehow eases the consequences of […]

What To Do When Followed by an Unwelcomed Stranger?

  I lived in New York City for years without being attacked, but such a city requires women to sharpen their instincts—and to overcome any polite defaults when confronted by an act of injustice. In my case, that meant developing a talent for firmly “talking down” aggressive strangers before their irrational tempers escalated to violence. […]