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Domestic Violence: The Problem with NFL and College Football

Domestic Violence- The Problem with NFL (5)

by Amanda Graybill, Founder

In the News: When I read these stories of young college men and NFL players who turn to violence against women and still get to play football I ask, “at the expense of what?” Fans will still pay big bucks for tickets to a game to support their favorite team whose players make more money than they know what to do with; college students will rally around their players sporting their colors; and donors will keep paying huge amounts of money to their Alma-mater to see their team rise to the top. But, what about the women who have been beaten, shamed by the actions of these men who have no respect for a woman? While their abuser continues to get cheered on these women hide behind the mask of shame that follows abuse. Who stands up for them? Who claps for them? They aren’t cheered on. In most cases no one knows their name or if they do, how easily they forget it. No, these women who have been assaulted, whose very being has been shamed and insulted become statistics. They become the one in four women who have been or will be abused in their lifetime! 

If the NFL and the colleges and universities remove these men from the team, take away their scholarships, then maybe it will make an impact. And if we as a society stop brushing these incidents under a rug as if they never happened and rise up for the women that have been assaulted then perhaps we can make a difference.

I love college football! But I’m tired of hearing these stories! Women’s lives matter more than a game of football! Wake up people! Oh and by the way, Bob Stoops and NFL coaches, how about wearing a purple ribbon this year on your hat?

Oh, I forgot, you don’t know what a purple ribbon stands for? Hmmmm.

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