Amanda Graybill

Founder, Speaker, Author and Survivor

Amanda saw abuse first-hand at the early age of four growing up with a father who was an alcoholic. As a teenager she experienced date rape and then suffered abuse in an 11-year marriage.

Amanda began The Little Black Dress Society in 2010 with a desire to unmask the truth about domestic violence and abuse. Her dream is to see women and children set free from the shame of abuse and to help stop the cycle in families. Amanda believes there was a reason her mother kept her first little black dress she received at age four. God had a plan and it would inspire her in her own personal journey of healing to help others find hope and remove the mask that hides the shame of abuse. Through her inspirational fiction, The Little Black Dress, she shares her own struggles and gives hope to women, young adults, and teenagers who are looking for unconditional love and healing.

Amanda is available for speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops. To book Amanda to speak, click here.