Reshay domestic abuse awareness

Reshay’s Story



Sept 30, 2011, my estranged husband shot me four times. He also took the lives of my loving parents, Kennie & Retha Rodgers. My life was forever changed by the decision he made, but the last of his victims I would be. The series of events that led up to that morning that God spared my life were a chapter I lived . . .survived . . . and the scars I look at as beauty now, a reminder.  I’ve had to date nine surgeries to correct gunshot wounds to my face and jaw, as well as leg and chest.

Four years later, I am living through the eyes of my 5 year old daughter, for God saved my life . . .


Model: Reshay

Hair: Carol Lester
Makeup: Jasmine Carmon, Carol Lester and Brittany Luna
Photography: Oksana Karle
Location: Ye Kendall Inn
Reshay domestic abuse awareness


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